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Frequency 103.4

Radio Chatter recorded in Outer Zone 12

‘Testing...Testing...Outer Zone to Injured Party: How copy over?’


‘Static on the line. No response received. I repeat, no response received.’


‘Message commencing. Standby for retrieval and godspeed’


‘A message to the Injured Party – Stay true and have hope! This is the maddening of chaotic times, but you must survive its pressures. Resist the physic waves cast upon us by the crude hand of Society. Stand firm in conviction and find strength in your independent spirit. We will find you and we will bring you home.’


‘End of transmission.’


Society Meeting Minutes obtained from Scrap Heap 84 in Outer Zone 8

Read and discard at once.

Meeting Minutes (1).PNG


It has come to our attention that a rogue group of outsiders (also referred to colloquially as The Injured Party) are planning a mass communication campaign on the 14th of February in Outer Zones 1-15. While this effort would normally carry little to no effect on day-to-day happenings here in Society, the details surrounding the most recent attempt cannot be ignored.

The latest briefing from our informants included propaganda in the form of literature: a 35 page anthology that details the past lives of our most recent abductees: Dee Frank, Jacque Mouth, and Brandon Reyes. Complete with a variety of imagery, one can only surmise that the body of work is intended to illicit an emotional response. All persons of authority are to immediately report any findings of such propaganda. See below for further instructions and memo details.


Dr. Jeff Jefferies approved format:

Propaganda Report:

·         Location of material and present status: Outer Zone 3 – posted alongside riverfront. Status: destroyed.

·         Assigned Agent: All material will be sent to the Office of Misinformation

·         Surrounding Area Report: A verbal report will be provided to the assigned agent.

·         Concluding Pledge: I hereby reaffirm my faith and pride in Society



To know me is to know who I am, and what I am about. To know me is to be understood. On the surface: I am a mild-mannered, goofball with a child-like grin painted across my face. Near permanent, it only dissipates during bouts of deep sorrow, and unceremonious wonderment. Despite a perturbing past, I am well-adjusted, but like you I am merely attempting to be good. The enumerations of my failures far exceed my victories, but everyday I try to be better. 




Mark your words, or I will mark them for you. The world lives a veiled existence, limiting accountability and singing utopic promises, but I refuse. Resistance galvanizes the inner essence, while comfortability chokes it out. Break loose from bondage of consumerism for what you consume is what you will ultimately become. Have you seen your reflection? Does it still look like you?



The mastery of one’s craft is the mastery of self. The discipline of mind and body coalesce as focus informs decision making. In a world filled with distractions, the act of focalization becomes a superpower. The energy required to live through a 24-hour period is valuable, so I will spend my time invested in fruitful things. Strip away the nonsense, block out the noise, and find peace in learning.




The spirit world and the physical world live on parallel planes that often intertwine in the most peculiar way. Colliding through dreams, meditation, and use of medicinal substances, the ghosts of our past and familial souls linger in the core of our thoughts. The dead speak in a thousand tongues, but the sentiment is always the same: “Have you lived your life?”

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