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'The ******* Party'
An Anthology

February 14, 2024

Written by: Daniel Franklin

Edited by Tristan Longwell

Illustrated by: Dee Frank, Siobhan Jubilee, and T
ed Sin

Photos by: Mike Connaghton

Four Stories:
"Ultra Music (Rev MK) - A Dee Frank Story"

"Bloodsport - A Jacque Mouth Adventure"

"Big Chillin' - A Brandon Reyes State of Mind"

"The ******* Party"

34 pages

13553 characters

8 illustrations


11 photographs
100+ hours of inspired work

Release Date: February 14, 2024


Ultra Music (Rev MK) -
A Dee Frank Story

A soundboard whirred to life so loud Dee heard the rumbling of the machine’s inner-workings before he felt the sudden motion of its interface – knobs, switches, and buttons shifting and clicking at the same time in every direction. Dee had been sleeping at the studio again after another long session refining his band’s new sound. Exhausted, he decided to take a quick nap in the sound room, his hands crossed before him on the mixing board, and his head resting gently on his forearms. Then, as if possessed, the machine moved, startling him awake. Eyes red and blurry, he could barely read the text on the large computer monitor that hung above both him and the mixing board. With no other light source in the room, the blue hue from the computer cast an eerie digital image across Dee’s pale face: a single green cursor blinking on and off within an empty, black command prompt window.


Bloodsport -
A Jacque Mouth Adventure

After a long day of working on the west side, followed by late night band practice with his mates, Jacque Mouth finally arrived home with a taxed but contented spirit. So tired, he nearly missed the loose-leaf, yellow paper hanging on his front door. Hanging by a single piece of tape, it fluttered in the wind, scratching lightly against the wood surface. Jacque ripped the paper off the door.

“WE HAVE YOUR PRECIOUS DARLING!” the message read in large red letters. “$3000 cash for return, or she’s finished…”


Big Chillin' -
A Brandon Reyes State of Mind

A ghost ship travels along the west coast on Superhighway-5, speeding south toward Los Angeles. Wheels spiraling at dizzying speed, racing through the elements and obstacles, the ship and its occupants are riding high on the success of their latest accomplishment: a three-day tour up the Pacific Northwest. From outside, the square ship with wheels appears innocuous to the naked eye – a very nothing to see here vibe – but inside its metal shell, the animals within are celebrating with music and medicinal substances.

The ******* Party


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