LA Weekly: My Favorite Album w/ Dee Frank 

@@@French Mouth’s ‘Teal’ has it all: Energy, anger, catchy-as-hell, loud guitars, 90s vibes, and reminded us of ‘Madonna’-era  …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Still not convinced?

- LastDayDeaf

@@@The next you hear someone bemoaning the state of modern rock and the lack of powerful bands playing real instruments, you could offer French Mouth as an example. As opposed to some of their contemporaries, this group does more than just quote old classic rock riffs. Their single “Teal” contains storytelling, angry lyrics that seem every bit justified, and a group that sounds as if they’ve been playing together for some time, leaning on each other’s contribution in the song.

French Mouth may just be a very rare find!

- Alt77

@@@ Paper Tiger, the debut EP of LA quartet French Mouth is a refreshing slice of late 90’s/early aughts style post-rock. At The Drive In is clearly a huge influence on the group, but they’ve traded in the chaos of ATDI for a tighter approach to songwriting and performance, which depending on what you’re looking for is either a plus or a minus. For a first outing though, this is a fantastic release and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

-We Never Asked For This

@@@ French Mouth: Paper Tiger (Frank Haus, 2020)  A post-punk hard rocker I got to via a music publicist email.  Has a bit of At the Drive In wildness to it with jumpy sections to the song and fresh guitar sounds and vocal stylings.  I’m looking at the promo photo and I see non-white faces and I hear it a bit in the playing.  Hard to put into words but it’s subtle.  I like this and would listen to more though I would mention that I could take even more chaos.

-The Cross Pollinator

@@@ Los Angeles based alt rock band French Mouth is not content to make basic rock and roll. Just listen to their latest Paper Tiger with the brash staccato guitar lines that attack and descend, doing a complex dance with the bass and drums, that form a sinewy framework for Dee Frank's wailing fox. Vox that seem to blend elements of punk, spoken word, hip hop and alt rock croons. 

-American Pancake

@@@ LA quartet French Mouth have channeled all of their unbridled anger into their latest offering, “Paper Tiger.” Full of discordant riffs, noisy background ambiance, and scathing lyrics, “Tiger” feels refreshingly raucous in a world where our music’s edges are increasingly smoothed-out. If you like your jams loud, dirty, and urgent, we think “Tiger” will be right up your alley. Check it out below or swing by their Bandcamp to support.


@@@California quartet French Mouth showcase themselves as a bright new spark in the alternative rock field thanks to latest single ‘Teal‘. Taken from the band’s debut EP Paper Tiger, they demonstrate beautifully tight musicianship and thanks to a lead vocal that will blast through your bones, this will be swirling your head for days. 

Savage, rousing and surprisingly danceable, French Mouth are a welcome addition to a sometimes generic genre.