French Mouth is not content to play basic rock and roll. Just take a listen to their debut album 'In Your Shark Eyes' (2022) which firmly stands as a fresh new take on a plethora of genres. Coming from the combined DIY mentality of the band, the album (entirely self produced) serves as a brilliant introduction to the groups unique song writing and production. IYSEs is an ambitious concept album that tells a compelling and esoteric tale over the course of it’s 11 tracks.


From the start of the dreamy intro which provides soft and subtle words in French over a bed of synth waves, to the frenetic energy of the bands first single, The Ocean, French Mouth comes together to create a “blistering gut punch of aggressive riffs, edgy progressive metal undertones and even spoken word”. All stamped with a hardcore attitude that drapes itself over the album from end to end.

With influences spanning from Deftones, MDC and Wire to the The Pixies, Aphex Twin and Mana it's really no surprise their freshman release has so many captivating idiosyncrasies. ‘Washed out interludes and sub-tracks make for an extremely fluid and psychedelic listen’ and truly help push the album to transcend into something new and original beyond just the typical hardcore or alternative genres. Other tracks like ‘Pressure’ and ‘Match Made In Heaven’ stay true to the hardcore genre, even with some two-step action in the latter. Ultimately, "The band is more than just another noisy indie rock or post-hardcore outfit as the band isn't adverse to experimentation"

Having started in French Mouth in 2019 the band released their debut EP ‘Paper Tiger’ to glowing reviews and have quickly garnered a reputation for an extremely emotional and energetic live show. “We don’t pull punches or half ass anything, especially our live show which is very physical. If I’m hurting while screaming my ass off you’re gonna see it in my face and the veins popping out my neck” explains vocalist Dee Frank “everything we do is intentional, on the album and live, nothing is without meaning or emotion”.


As a collective the band aspires to contribute to the growing talent in LA’s burgeoning post-hardcore scene and have clearly made themselves a band to watch in 2022 onward.