Recording first LP at Kingsize Studios August 2021


F R E N C H  M O U T H 
est 2019 in L.A.


French Mouth is a post-hardcore band formed in the summer of 2019 by founding member and vocalist D. Frank and later joined by bassist Brandon Reyes. Shortly after their inception they were joined by local virtuoso guitarist Jacque Parras and hard hitting drummer Brittany Macc. The band quickly gained attention for it's intense shows and passionate musicianship, paving the way for their self-produced debut EP Paper Tiger (2020). 

"A little dose of anger is simply not enough. California's rock quartet French Mouth's EP sears through thick layers of emotional fabric , cutting deep to the essence of truth when it comes to living in a world in which we have no choice but to shape ourselves....Paper Tiger sounds unmistakably urgent and up close, cementing French Mouth as one of the most exciting new rock bands right now providing fuel for alk of our emotional fires"


- Larry Fitzmaurice (Pitchfork, GQ, Fader)

Brittany Macc - Drums

Jacque Parras - Lead Guitar, Synth 

Brandon Reyes - Bass

D. Frank - Vocals, Guitar